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ever since my accident at work, I've been having intense headaches and feeling chronic pain. After 3 visits with Dr. Rudy Patel I'm 300% better!

Sonia Chabra


Wrist, Elbow,Shoulder and Knees


The chiropractic approach that works so well with the spine can be applied to other joints of the body.  Virtually every articulation of your skeletal system is susceptible to fixations that can impair function and range of motions.  Trauma, micro-traumas, vibrations and repetitive motions can produce joint problems throughout the body.  Chiropractic care can help. 

 Jaw - Stress, teeth grinding and spinal problems can cause TMJ disorders where your jaw connects to your skull.  Skilled chiropractic care can restore proper nervous system control of involved muscles and ligaments, reducing pain, stiffness.

 Shoulder - Many shoulder problems originate in the arm where the nerves branch from the spinal cord and exit the neck.  Shoulder pain or pain radiating down the arm can be accompanied by weakness, numbness or tingling in the wrists or hands.  Many patients report dramatic improvement with chiropractic care.

Elbow - Classic tennis elbow is a repetitive strain injury that often afflicts the dominant arm.  It is seen among carpenters, mechanics, office workers, cashiers and those who perform repeated hammering, grasping and rotary forearm motions.

 Wrist - Carpal tunnel syndrome is usually due to compression of the median nerve as it passes through the band of ligaments in the wrist.  In many cases, the underlying cause is a misalignment of one or more joints of the neck, shoulder, elbow or wrist.

 Hip –  The hip bones and sacrum, considered the “pelvic girdle”, are the foundation of your spine.  These sacroiliac joints can affect nerves exiting the spine.  Chiropractic adjustments to the hips can produce excellent results. 

 Ankle - The ankle is the most frequently injured joint in the body.  “Pronation,” in which the feet flare outward and kneecaps rotate inward, is the most common foot problem.  When weak arches cause the bones of the foot to drop to an unstable position, stress on the foot increases.  Adjusting malfunctioning joints of the feet, combined with custom shoe orthotics, can reduce tenderness, improve your gait and stabilize the entire skeletal system.

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