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Chiropractic Care For Kids


While you may routinely seek chiropractic care for yourself, you may be wondering if it is safe for your child. Chiropractic and children work well together. Starting from birth, children subjected to chiropractic care can benefit greatly.

Newborns often experience spinal issues during the birth process. This stress can affect the developing nervous system, resulting in colic, sleep disturbances, nursing difficulties and breathing problems. A quick visit to the chiropractor can realign anything that is out of place and relieve many of these discomforts.

As babies begin to grow, they may be affected by spinal issues when they learn to hold up their head, when they learn to sit, to crawl and finally, to walk. All the falls, bumps and normal activities infants go through have the potential to affect their spinal vertebrae. While the trauma may be extremely minor, left to itself it is possible it may develop into a problem as the child grows. A simple check by a doctor of chiropractic will make sure everything is still in alignment for proper growth and development. This doesn’t mean you need to rush your child to the chiropractor every time they fall down, but occasional treatments can find and correct these issues before they create problems.

As a child grows and starts activities like skating, biking or sports, they may experience various traumas. Small misalignments may occur during these incidents that can potentially lead to more serious issues as they grow. A quick visit for a chiropractic evaluation now and then during these years can straighten these issues out before they become serious.

If a child is injured in a sports accident or a car accident, this is a good time to make sure their tiny spine was not injured in any way. Many parents discover that periodic spinal adjustments will help with ear infections, asthma, allergies and headaches. All of these common issues could possibly be related to a subluxation (a spinal misalignment – commonly due to trauma). Parents are discovering that their children are usually healthier and are often no longer manifesting these problems after a treatment or two.

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